About Us!


FUNDIES For funny Peeps!


An exclusive and limited underwear brand founded in 2016 by Hans Hutting. Playful colors and some funny queer jokes, spreading love!

A sexy and modern fit of all time favorite basic items. Handmade prints, printed with non toxic or natural dyes, and made out of quality leftover fabrics in the Netherlands. Being aware and good for your environment IS sexy! ;)We produce in small batches throughout the year. Which means: always something special and unique for in your underwear drawer! We don't stick with the current fashion system but we make our own yellow brick road and surprise our customers with new items when they least expect it. Instead of making big collections, we like to create when our inspiration is at its peak.


Are you just a cunt for fun? Or a bad boy;) That’s what the new items are all about. Always wanted to tell your boss that he is a dick? Go to that business meeting in ‘’you're a dick’’ sweater!



Identity design by Dana Dijkgraaf  

photography by Jesse van den Berg